Ecommerce with product configuration

Shorten sales cycles, accelerate revenue growth, and cut lead times! Link World Technology has standard integration to leading product configurators, so online customers can do most of the configuration themselves in both B2B and B2C scenarios.

Link World Technology + Configuration = More Sales

Ecommerce for complex products

Many venders assume that they sell products that are just too complex to be handled by an ecommerce solution. Some products, particularly in B2B, have many features, options, and calculations involved. The introduction of product configuration, allows these complex products to be pieced together by the customers themselves and submitted as quotes.

Manufacturing gets the right order

Product configuration is a great way to ensure that the customer is getting exactly what they want. Why? Because they built the order themselves! With a configurator, you know when the bills of material gets to manufacturing, the shop has the right order. And you also know that you’ve got the materials needed for manufacture because if they weren’t available in your inventory, your configurator wouldn’t have offered them.

Integrated solution with Experlogix + CE + Microsoft D365

For large manufacturers that provide major order solutions and stock items, Link World Technology offers the best of both worlds' solution. Together with our strategic partner, Experlogix, we have produces a portal that allows users to configure products and add these to a cart in order to check out.

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