Integrate to Dynamics CRM and utilize website data

Put your operational website data to work and connect your brick-and-mortar processes to the digital world by integrating Link World Technology and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Key PIM and Ecommerce capabilities

Collect data and personalize the online experience

CRM integration is important for gaining customer insights, which can be used for personalizing the online experience - for instance through targeted content, product recommendations and other suggestions. Not only will it help prospects find content that fits their interests, but it will also help increase conversions.

Smart integration

CRM integration for your website is good for your business. It means less time spent manually entering customer details into your CRM from multiple inlets – freeing up staff time to actually follow up the contacts generated!

Integrated email marketing

Don’t waste marketing resources by using various external systems. With Link World Technology, all of of your content, users and customer behavioral and transactional data are at your finger tips. Improve your email marketing flow and to optimize performance through personalization, split-testing and automation.

Intelligent Targeting

Blend on-site behavior and CRM customer details with ERP transactional data to target customers. Set it up once, and Link World Technology can automatically deliver drip email campaigns that are sure to increase sales.

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